Welcome To Tree of Life Adventures Zimbabwe

Tree of Life Adventures Zimbabwe  is the perfect setting and venue for outdoor education, team building activities, conferences and retreats. We are 35 km from Harare city centre which is situated in the heart of indigenous trees, granite rocks and rolling mountains with truly picturesque views.


Tree of Life was designed to challenge people of all ages to overcome their fears and to learn not only to work together as a team but to build self confidence. Our programs are designed to highlight natural leadership qualities and hidden potential in individuals.


We pride ourselves on quality, safety, qualified instructors, hospitality as well as creating a meaningful learning experience in a positive environment. We strive to maintain a camp environment that is always positive and supportive with team members having fun along the way. We use activities that build confidence in turn giving clients a sense of self worth. We use fun, stimulating activities in our programs which are centered on a number of areas including leadership, communication, trust, teamwork and self esteem.

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Tree of life believes strongly in values and ethics. We strive to teach students self respect and respect for others, reflected by behavior and words. We encourage students to take responsibility for their actions, be truthful, honest and always act with the best intentions towards others.


We believe that our students leave tree of life adventures with a heightened respect for individual differences, a deeper level of integrity, compassion towards others and courage as well as having developed new skills and outlooks on life. Trust and team spirit are developed together with releasing hidden strengths which leave students with increased self confidence and self esteem. These are qualities that stay with them through out their lives.


Tree of life offers schools a range of programs from grade 5 to upper 6. We also offer programs for corporates, youth and children's camps, women's and men's retreats.

Please note that we are a can do centre, so ask!