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Tree of Life Adventures Zimbabwe customises programs for Schools , Corporates and Churches using various team building & confidence building activities.

zimbabwe activities The Pamper Pole
The Pamper Pole is a 8 m vertical pole in which clients climb to the top and stand on a platform after which they need to take a jump of faith to catch the trapeze, This is a self confidence building activity.
zimbabwe team building High Ropes Course
The high ropes course is situated in the heart of our eucalyptus plantation high above the ground.  This is truly an amazing experience which is definitely a must do!!!!
zimbabwe schools team building Obstacle Course
The obstacle course is a fantastic team building activity and it is usually done in a competition against other teams. Great fun!!
zimbabwe schools team building Canoeing
Canoeing is the perfect activity for those who prefer a more  gentle relaxing activity.
zimbabwe confidence building activities Zip Line
The Zip Line is definitely for the adventurous, it’s a long rope wire 12 m above the ground, its  fast and fun, definitely a must do plus the view is great from the top of the tower!
zimbabwe team building activities Raft Building
This is a great way to learn the fundamentals of ropes and tying various knots, we teach you how to make a raft  from basic materials, the best part is testing your raft out, will it sink or will it float????
zimbabwe confidence building activities Jacob's Ladder
The Jacobs Ladder is a great team building exercise as it is a vertical ladder with wide spaces between each pole in which clients need to reach the top of the ladder, this is only achieved by working in pairs hence clients learn that in order to achieve some tasks in life they may have to at times depend on a colleague.
zimbabwe confidence building activities Climbing Wall
The Climbing wall is both mentally and physically challenging  as there are vast degree’s of difficulty. It’s a favorite!!
zimbabwe confidence building activities Low Ropes Course
This is a perfect activity for those who are terrified of heights, something a little closer to the ground!
toxic_waste.jpg Toxic Waste
The challenge consists of a bucket filled with toxic waste (water) which is situated in a demarcated circle (which is a toxic area that is out of bounds) and each team has 2 lengths of rope.  The object is to move the toxic bucket out of the toxic area using only your 2 ropes without stepping into the toxic area.
Tyre Mania
This is a mental challenge that requires a bit of running.  This game has 5 tyres which all have numbers.  These tyres are sitting on 1 pole.  There are another 2 poles in this game.  The object is to move all 5 tyres to another pole to be in the same sequence.  The difficulty is that you can only move 1 tyre at anyone time and a lager number can never be on a smaller number (eg 5 can not be on 1, but 1 can be on 5)

Name assortment
This is a good way for the team to interact with each other, most organizations such as churches know each other by their faces but not by their names.  This challenge is designed to test if people know each others names etc.

Stepping stones
each team member is allocated a stepping stone or square.  The team stands in a straight line on their blocks. For example if there are 10 members in a team 5 team members are together with a spare stepping stone between the other half of the team. 
The object is to get the yellow side of the team across to the red side of the team and visa versa. Teams may use the spare stepping stone to achieve the objective but the team MAY NOT step out side of their stepping stone or square.  If a team member does, the team starts from the beginning again.
egg_drop.jpg Egg drop
Each team is given an extra team member which is an egg.  The challenge is to design a nest for their extra team member out of nature.  The nest must be 30cm x 30cm in size.  This nest must cushion their team members (egg) fall.  If the nest is well designed then their team member will be safe if the nest is not designed well then there is a risk of injury to their team member (the egg).
These are just some of Tree of Life's activities and games